Issue with side-menus on Android 4.0.4 Samsung S5301

for my testing on Android I use a cheap Samsung S5301 with Android 4.0.4 and I discovered an issue with side-menus.

Using your codepen side-menus on this Android it just shows a white screen and after 4-8 secs it closes the app again. No text nothing.

If I use the ionic-seed with tabs it works just fine.

I could use the side-menus on this Samsung back with version 0.9.1x in December but at least with 0.9.23 it is broken.

It works on my iPhones/iPads with iOS 6/7, on all browsers, on the Android Virtual Device and at least on the Nexus 4.

Not urgent at all for me, I use this cheap handy only for tests and did another app just with tabs which is fine, but probably there is an issue which will cause other issues in other setups with side-menus.


I have this adb logcat:

have you the same issue with the new release?

The problem is ionic usually support android 4.1+ …

Thanks, I just updated now to 0.9.24 but still the same issue. No worries for my tests I can work around with tabs as they just work fine.