ISSUE with Leaflet Map - Dragging

Hello dear Ionic Community,
Thanks for all the help recently - it’s been amazing.

I’ve got a new issue. I’ve implemented the Leaflet map and it works great, EXCEPT when I try to pan the map by dragging it, on mobile, it stutters and pans just a little bit - if it even pans.

Anyone else experiencing this?
My initiation of the map.

  ionViewDidEnter() {
    //Below is where I initiate the map. ='mapId2', {
      center: this.location,
      zoom: 14,
      zoomAnimation: false,
      fadeAnimation: false,
      easeLinearity: 0.5,
      tap: true,
      touchZoom: false,
      dragging: true,
      renderer: L.canvas()

Tried to follow this, but cannot seem to know what animate option to implement or what option I should use.

Need your help dear community!