Issue with Google Maps JavaScript API and ionic 2

I’m having some troubles with the Google Maps JavaScript API used in my ionic 2 application. The first time I show the map on a page it will be rendered fine - see first screenshot. After navigating back and opening the page with the Google Map again the map won’t be rendered correctly any more. I just get a grey area instead - see second screenshot.

I already searched for this issue, but nobody had a solution yet as far as I know - example thread here.

Furthermore I already posted the issue on stackoverflow.

Maybe anyone else can help me out here?

I also created a github repository which can be cloned and fired up easily so that you can reproduce the issue. Pls note that ionic 2 should be up and running if you want to try this out.

Thanks in advance!

Screenshot 1: the first time it works fine:

Screenshot 2: the second, third, etc. time it’s broken:

Check ddellamico post.

Oh man, thanks, that fixed it. I already found that post before, however, I did the resizing in the ionViewDidLoad() event instead of in the ionViewDidEnter() event.

Thanks a lot!