Issue with collection-repeat and list dividers while loading data


I have a strange behavior on collection-repeat and list dividers while I’m loading data.
I’m trying to accomplish a list with list dividers based on category. My data is stored in a websql database and I have a background task running to get new or changed data from server. When I have new data I send it to my list view to update list. But always when updating the list it scrolls up a little bit. I’ve prepared a codepen to show it.

Please scroll down on the list and press “Click to load”. In this case the view always scrolls up a little bit. But I’d like not to move or scroll the list as long as there are only changed items and no new ones.

Is there a bug on my code or in ionic?
Or has anybody an idea how I could accomplish it?

thx for your help.

nobody an idea or a solution?
Please help. Thx

I’ve figured out something new.

It only appears if the first items has a lower height. So, as long as the first items is the highest of the collection everything is okay. But if the first one is lower the problem happens.