Issue with Autocomple google maps on IOS

Hi Ionic team, I working with google maps and use Place autocomplate api , but i have some issue when i select address then screen to be shrink . I has try some solution but I can’t fix it .

  1. App start

    2 . When I select address

    3 .After select

------------- Please help me !!! .


This is a bug with Ionic that was introduced in beta and only manifest itself when it is on the phone (the pen won’t repro).
A more succint repro consists of an input box with a footer. When the keyboard is dismissed with focus on in the input box, the resize of the view won’t reclaim the space used by the keyboard tray, so the footer stays mid screen. I am not sure what is going on, but it is on my issue list to investigate after the upgrade of ionic.

@Seb i hope team ionic ASAP!

I think the best bet is to standby for the updates to the keyboard issues. There are widespread issues that Tim is working on already.

I have a very similar problem. I beleive there is no ETA for when this fix may be available? I’m not asking about a fixed date, rather whether the fix will be available in the next beta. Using beta 6.