Issue creating playlist with MediaObject in iOS/Chrome

Hello, I succesfully implemented an audio service to handle playing of several concatenated audio files using @ionic-native/media plugin and it’s working fine on Browser when checked on Mac/Chrome. However on iOS/Chrome the first file in the playlist is played but subsequent files aren’t. I did a lot of research but I get no error or info… on iOS the second instance of the mediaObject just does not get played, and I made sure that the code gets executed until the relevant line ( for that instance

This is my audio service:

import {Injectable} from '@angular/core';
import {Media, MediaObject} from "@ionic-native/media";

export class AudioService {
  mediaObject: MediaObject;
  playlist: Array<string> = [];
  counter:number = 0;

    private media: Media
  ) {

  preparePlayAudio(src: string) {
    if (typeof this.mediaObject !== 'undefined') {
      this.mediaObject = undefined;

    this.mediaObject =;

  next() {
    this.counter += 1;

    if (typeof this.playlist[this.counter] !== 'undefined') {

  playAudio() {;

    this.mediaObject.onStatusUpdate.subscribe(status =>
          if (status.toString()=="1") { //player start

      if (status.toString()=="4") { // player end running



  play(playlist: string[]): void {
        this.counter = 0;
        this.playlist = playlist;



And I call it by['audio1.mp3', 'audio2.mp3']);

Ionic Version 3.9.2
Ionic Native Media: 4.7.0