Is Three.js experimental-webgl context available in Ionic2 on Android?

Hello everybody. I was trying to adapt a panorama viewer made with Three.js in my Ionic2 android app. I need a WebGL renderer but the function THREE.WebGLRenderer() unfortunately returns null.
So i tried to investigate and i did these test:

var canvas = document.createElement( 'canvas' );
console.log("TEST 2d : " + canvas.getContext('2d')) // returns the context
console.log("TEST 3d : " + canvas.getContext('experimental-webgl')) // returns null

Is somehow possible to have a WebGLRenderer in Ionic2? Notice that everything works well when I test the project on Firefox, but it doesn’t work when I test it on Android.

I don’t think the lack of WebGL render support is related to Ionic2, but to the Android version you’re using. You can use to check for WebGL support in Android and other browsers. Don’t know which version you’re using however.
As an alternative you could use the crosswalk plugin ( and embed a webview based on a specific Chrome version in your application. That way you know all your users who installed your app are running the same webview with the same modern features - e.g. WebGL support.

I’m using Android 5.1.1 (CyanogenMod) and it should be compatible. I also installed Crosswalk but it isn’t working the same. Maybe the lack of GPU in both my sartphone and tablet has a part in this. I’ll try my app over other devices.

EDIT: getContext functions are null in both smartphone (Galaxy Nexus) and tablet. Instead, THREE.WebGLRenderer() works on tablet.