Is there an example of a Stencil component using ionic slider?

I am trying to build a component with stencil and I would like to use the slider from ionic. I managed to do what I need using Stencil Carousel, but I would like to refactor and use ionic.
I can’t find any working examples of using ion-slider from core in pure javascript or stencil, and I can’t figure out how to set the options the way that I would like to make it work like a carousel. All are examples in Angular…
You know an example of a repository or pen with the slider used in stencil or just pure javascript?
I am new to stencil and I love it. Great job for a great compiler.

Well if you want slider then use ion-slides or check out this app: gallery app

I am using ion-slider. The problem was that it was not obvious from the documentation how to use it. I had to dig into the source code of the component on github to understand how to use it.
I was hoping that there is an example of code with the component used to build something without a framework.
I managed to do almost everything I wanted to do.
I fail to see how the app you shared can help me understand how to use the component, because there is no link to any code or example of usage. I am probably missing something.

which link? can you share it?

You shared the link to the app in the store. I said I would find useful a link to code example. Like something on github… If I would have found such link, there would have been no point in creating this thread.

ahh sorry, try this: Stencil Carousel

live example: Click here

I already used the Stencil Carousel and with it, my project works. I want to get rid of it and use the slider from Ionic, because I want to rely on those components for as long as I can in future.

well then use ionic slides, this give you same look as stencil carousel and if you don’t mind can i see your app?

Sorry, can’t share, as it is in corporate environment and it is not public code. I wish I could.