Is there an event for when Ion-scroll loads scrolling area in ionic

I am trying to set the start position inside an ion-scroll. I am doing this using the following:

this.scrollArea._scrollContent.nativeElement.scrollTop = top; this.scrollArea._scrollContent.nativeElement.scrollLeft = left;

This code runs fine but the scroll top doesn’t work correctly. It seems to be a timing thing because if I run it in a timeout of 100 milliseconds it works fine. I have tried to run it in any after view init I could find in particular the ones for ionic and angular. Neither of these worked except ngAfterContentChecked but that one seems to keep running, which is why it works, but if the user tries to scroll afterward he gets sent back to the area I’m sending him to.

My guess is that because there’s a header the top is incorrect and that I just need to wait until the scroll has finished loading it’s dimensions is there any way to do this? I remember in ionic there was an event when scroll area was resized that would be good, but I couldn’t find anything for ionic 2+.

Not sure if this matters but it is in a modal and therefore in a component not a page.

I’ve always used @ViewChild in ngAfterViewInit() to set up scrolling to elements.