Is there an automatic way to upgrade angular in ionic.bundle.js?

My question is pretty simple, I’m about to create my new app using Ionic. :slight_smile:
I noticed that current used version for AngularJs is 1.2.17.
If now I want to upgrade to the latest one, how could I do so that ionic.bundle.js is updated too?
Is there an automatic way? Indeed, I don’t see a corresponding set gulp task in the demo.

Thanks a lot !


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Ionic is built and tested against a specific version of Angular. It is possible that upgrading Angular could cause problems with Ionic (unlikely but possible). I would stick with the exact version bundled for that reason.

If you really wanted to upgrade, then you would have to include or bundle the files yourself. In www/lib/ionic/js you should see several files. The ionic.bundle.min.js is the bundled form of all the javascript files you see in that directory, so you would have to manually include each file individually (and override the angular files with an updated one) or modify gulpfile.js to concatenate those files into a new bundle. Do note all of the angular modules, not just the core angular file, that need to be included.

Understood :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for your answer.

Any script or tool to generate/rebuild the bundle (ionic.bundle.min.js)?

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