Is there a way to prevent warnings from Karma/Jasmine for unused imports?

I was following this tutorial from @joshmorony and did a little unit test for a class of mine.

It worked but did not compiled so I changed my ´tsconfig.json´ to add

"exclude": [

It works now, everything with ionic lab or ionic serve seams to go as expected in the browser but in the terminal I get a lot of warnings like:

23:23:50]  tslint: C:/_Dev/ionic2.myApp/src/test.ts, line: 10
            Unused import: 'FormsModule'

      L10:  import { For[23:23:50]  tslint: C:/_Dev/ionic2.myApp/src/test.ts, li
ne: 10 m
sModule[23:23:50]  tslint: C:/_Dev/ionic2.myApp/src/test.ts, line: 11 , Reactive
FormsModule } from '@angular/forms';

      L11:  import { getTestBed, TestBed } from '@angular/core/testing';

            Unused import: 'ReactiveFormsModule'

I thought that excluding src/test.ts will help but did not.

Is there a way to prevent that? Because I find these “unused imports” helpful to review my classes and seen a lot about those test import not used is distracting.

It was a ´tslint´ problem, so I added to the first line of the offender ts files this:

/* tslint:disable */