Is there a way to disable ionic's pull to refresh in lists feature?

I do not want the users to be able to drag around the content in ionic list, but at the same time the list items may be large in number so I don’t want to disable the scroll. Is there any way to achieve this?

Have you looked into setting has-bouncing=“false” for your ion-content ? See here ion-content API

Didn’t occur to me that this was an ion-content issue! (There are so many lists in ionic!). Solved now, thanks!

Pull to refresh only happens if you implement it. So, just don’t put an ion-refresher directive in your ion-content. Then, it can’t happen.

Yeah, I was mistaken. The culprit was the has-bouncing attribute on ion-content but I had only read about list refreshing in the docs so I assumed that it was a ion-list refresher thingy.