Is there a way to change cordova splash screen?

Is there a way to change the default cordova splash screen loader with a custom svg/gif?

Define “default cordova splash screen loader”.

It doesn’t really look the same on all phones, it is just the default.
On a Galaxy S8:

Ok, so the spinner animation in the splash screen Activity (Android) or loading screen (iOS), correct?

As far as I know this is part of the generated Cordova project or done via the splashscreen plugin. (Removing the latter could confirm if this is done via this)

Ok, I think this is done via the splashscreen plugin:
Search for ShowSplashScreenSpinner

See here for the actual code doing the spinner for Android:

Thanks, I know I can show/hide that spinner, I am just wondering if I can use my own SVG.

Yeah, that was me investigating how this works in the background :wink:

For Android the spinner shown is a native ProgressDialog:

To replace it you could fork the splashcreen plugin and replace it with your own. The plugin code is quite readable. Maybe forks already exist with custom functionality?

Thanks! Seems a bit much to do for just that.

That depends on the client you are working for I guess :wink:

But I agree, my goal is to optimize the splash screen away anyway, so I try to have as little as possible there - including no spinner. (My theory: As soon as users see a spinner on a splash screen, they think it’s the app’s fault. As long as it is just a static picture, it’s the phone begin slow :wink: )