Is there a graphic diagram available that shows how Ionic 2 and all related technologies connect?

Sieht sehr gut aus! :+1:

Hey @Arkivar nice work, you’ve added the Browser App too. This looks great, thanks for sharing it here with us!

Thx @KishuPro @Arkivar for the diagram!

I just tried to update it a bit. Just a wired diagram right now, before styling it, I would like to know what do you think about it? Any other improvements or mistakes I would have done or which should be done?

Thx in advance for the feedback

Ionic_Diagram (1)


Hi, follows my suggestion about an simplified sequence…

What do you think?

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Hi folks,

Updated with colors :wink:

Feedbacks are


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Good stuff

in all diagrams there seems to be a giant leap going from the html to the final built (last two blocks), which does require different additional technologies and sometimes commands

Like the ionic cordova platform * commands are strictly related to the last step and not related to the faremst left block (cordova plugin). In fact the left block only refers to syntactic typescript sugar, no cordova requirement.

Maybe this is all contained in the yellow arrow and the picture needs some examples underneath?

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@Tommertom thx for the feedback!

Following your comment, I have added a Ionic CLI remark on the diagram see below.

I will use the diagram during an introduction where I’ll also most probably do a simple live coding demo afterwards, this activity will display some commands


Just thinking about it now, if someone is interested by the source of my diagram, here the file

You could edit it with


Thanks guys for the feedback and updates to the graphic, it’s getting better and better! I am sorry I am caught up a bit so couldn’t respond earlier. Thanks everyone!

Is it the same structure for Angular 5 and Ionic 3?


actually when I draw the one above, Is there a graphic diagram available that shows how Ionic 2 and all related technologies connect?, I was already using the last current stack

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