Is SOAP based web-service recommended?

I am going to use SOAP based web-service for one of my project.

My Question are:

  1. Is SOAP based web-services recommended ?
  2. Will there be any performance issue ?
  3. What type/kind of issues, i will face during development?


If you mean your mobile app will connect to your server using SOAP, first you will have to find a good javascript SOAP client, there are not many of them, even in native Android it’s not easy.

Unlike server technologies, you won’t be able to generrate your client code from your service WSDL, this will mean that you’ll have to do much manual coding.

Angularjs is made for JSON REST API with built-in support: $resource and $http.
So if you’re a beginner in Ionic or Angularjs, I won’t recommend going this way.

Also, this will be less perfomant, SOAP is very verbose.

Any way, if you want to do it any way you have 2 possibilities:


annnd it is recommended to use json as format for your api, because for mobile apps request should go fast and shoud not transfer useless content like the xml-overhead and the slow parsing on the app-side.

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