Is possible to capture image and crop it then upload it to firebase in ionic?

Hello guys, how are u ?

I searched a lot about the way to capture image by phone camera, then I can crop it, and finally I want to upload croped image on firebase…

Is that possible for ionic 2 ? Or no way to did these three steps togather ?

Yes of course. Just put the pieces together.

Edit: But put the photo in Firebase Storage, not the realtime database, unless it’s really small.

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I was very happy when I read this part of your reply but I did not understand what u means about “put all the pieces together”

Are there any useful links to follow there steps to did these three steps (capture, crop, and upload) ? Because I did a lot of tutorials but still I couldn’t do the first step

You don’t know how to capture? On a device, use the Ionic Native Crop plugin. In the desktop browser, use ng2-img-cropper.

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Thank u so much @AaronSterling

No, I mean I couldn’t find good tutorial that allow me to install and run camera without any errors.

But I will try to search more and test there tutorials and wish I could solve my problem.

For capturing image use Native Camera
For croping set allowEdit to true in Camera Options or use Native Crop
To upload a file you FileTransfer

I’ve not used native crop yet. So don’t know how that works.
I have used allowEdit from CameraOption, it works on Android 5 and +

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Big thanks for u both :heart: … thank u so much guys