Is posible to share a web app instance for multiple portals?

I’m integrating Ionic Portals to an iOS app made with Ionic and Angular that use Unity as a Library.

I need to show a small UI around the unity view, but Unity has no support to partial screen and it launches its own UIWindow, so I have create a view and show it over Unity. I already know how to do this with a native view, but it would be ideal to show an angular view to avoid rewrite all the UI in swift and the communication bridge.

I thought Ionics Portals could be a solution, and I was able to show a portal over Unity, but this app is another instance of my web app and doesn’t share the data and services. Is there a way to have just one web app instance shared between portals?

try asking in portals section of the forum

Implement the websocket communication between your main app and the portals. This allow real time communication and sharing of data between the components.

It says I’m not allow to create topics in that category