Is it really possible to do native authentication facebook with Wizcorp/phonegap-facebook-plugin


Here is my story with that facebook authentication that I didn’t manage to get to work until now.
I started with that link
Then I tested the OpenFB library which works fine but does not use the native facebook app but just a webView. Then I tested the phonegap-facebook-plugin that gives some errors when building on ios, then I found that there is a new fork of that plugin : cordova-plugin-facebook4 which corrects all builds error, but the problem I found is that the plugin is always returning connected status on device, even when facebook is disconnected, and it works as expected on browser.
Then I found that app that uses also that plugin but with the same previous issue

I know that other ionic apps in the market actually integrates this functionality so it is possible,
Can you tell me what am missing here ? is there a simple way that works ?

Thanks in advance !!