Is it possible to show an image in an alert?

After scanning the barcode of a product, if only one has been identified, I want to be able to show an alert with the title and picture of the product, and have the user confirm that it is the correct one. Is it possible to make an alert like this?

Why not just create a Modal for this? Looks more aesthetically pleasing as well in my opinion.

I don’t believe it is possible (or appropriate) to use Alerts this way.

Modals are the way to go but at the moment they appear just like full screen pages with maybe a different default transition and stacking than pages (i.e there’s not much visible difference between modals and pages). You may have to wait until Inset Modals are introduced in Beta7 like I am…

…if you want to achieve something like an Alert but with extra customisation ability.

You can add padding to the existing modal functionality to make it look like it’s inset but it’s a bit of a hacky approach: