Is it possible to implement, Swipe feature to the <ion-tabs> itself, instead of <super-tabs>

I want to implement swipe feature to <ion-tabs>, but not using <super-tabs>. Do anyone know to implement swipe feature to <ion-tabs>. Below is the sample project link, if you need…

1.Open the project in VS Code and run npm install in integrated terminal window.
2.Run ionic serve
3.Click on Recharge/Payments
4.Select the options in Operator and State selectbox.
5.Click on ViewPlans

The easiest way, the way Ionic choosed :
Is to import HammerJs, and create your own utils functions.
Then you’ll be able to do a component that do a specific thing on tap, double tap, swipe etc…

npm i hammerjs@latest --save
npm install --save-dev @types/hammerjs
add HammerJs to the tsconfig.json file:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "types": [

now you are able to:
import * as 'hammer' from 'hammerjs';

I didn’t understand…Can you please explain with implementation(How to use hammerjs in my case for swiping…)
Read the DOCS!

Read the docs. Tried, but no fruitful result…

you can try this tutorial

Above is using Super-tabs. But I need to implement using ion-tabs itself. Is it possible?..

check this.Switching Tabs with swipe gestures - Ionic2 - Typescript

i haven’t tried this.i used the swipeable tabs