Is it possible to get District , City by giving pincode in ionic 3

I have a scnerio like

pin code: text
district: display only
city:display only

If i am entering the pincode onload , the city and district has to come automatically in the fields.

the came case i have seen in flipkart…

Please help me …

What is this “pincode” you refer to?

If you saw it somewhere else, can you provide a screenshot?

In general this sounds like a server side thing - you send some data from the app to the server and get some additional data on it back.

Attached image , I am giving the postal code .

The city/district/town and state values are automatically loading …

pin code is in india similar to a postal code.
If you need database look here
or npm here

Best regards, anna-liebt

Thank You so much…its more helpful.