Is it possible to do this type of notification in Ionic

Is it possible to create these interactive app drawer notifications in Ionic on both iOS and Android as per

Ionic itself, no.
The push plugin you can use to implement push notifications in Ionic, maybe.

Is this still how it works today? The article is from 2014 and notifications changed a lot over the time.

I’m currently using the push notifications plugin for the basic push functionality. I was hoping to make the notifications more interactive.

Link please, there are lots of those :wink:

No problem : )

I’m using the Ionic Wrapper with this version of the cordova plugin.

Ok, then your task is how you would send such a notification via Firebase for native apps first - if this is possible, you can then try to find out if this also works via this plugin and its Ionic Native wrapper.

Thanks @Sujan12.

I’ll do some research into the actual type of push notifications and then update back here.

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