Is it possible to create something like forum in ionic?

I have a question.
Is it possible to create some thing like a post wall for users in Ionic?


Yes…you can use Firebase?
or make a forum and use <iframe>to impelement it on Ionic app.

A forum as part of an bigger app or an app for a forum?
Does your forum exists already or do you want to create one?

I have created login page in my app with firebase, and I was wondering if I can make a postwall for users

You can definitely do that, maybe find out first what your forum should do exactly. And then search the internet to get an understanding how forums work and what structure you can use with firebase - maybe there is a tutorial for doing a forum with firebase. When you have specific questions on parts you don’t understand feel free to ask us.

Ok, thank you! I will dig it soon. :smile: