Is it posible to export as .aar?

Hello guys, I have an Ionic application.

There is a request from the client that he wants the ionic app run inside a native Android application that he owns.

Is there a way that I can export my Ionic app as an android library? so he can call it inside his app?

Or what do you guys recommend?

Thanks in advance,


No, I don’t think that is currently possible. What you could offer as a solution is to have the native app host its own webview, and in that load the Ionic App. I have not done this, but there is some documentation on this on the Cordova site if memory serves.

Thanks for answer Chris, I supposed it wasnt possible. :sweat:

I will see if the webview is an option for him. The Ionic App on the web view needs to be running on a server?

Thanks a lot.

Sorry, I didnt hit reply on my previos comment.

It’s 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration…as Chris mentioned…
Have a look at my tutorial

Use the code for
An invocable ionic project from Android Studio aar.
Hope that helps…