Is Ionic 6 cordova App APIs support TLS 1.2 API ? required impletation Steps

Developed Ionic 6 Cordova app having AWS Apis are integrated. Now AWS API gateway enforces to supports TLS 1.2 protocol not lower protocol. need to know is TLS 1.2 protocol supports ionic 6 cordova app? if yes then required implementation steps. if no then is there any alternative for this.

You are pretty vague just mentioning Cordova App APIs.

Assuming you mean standard HTTP requests to an API using the normal web stack (e.g. XMLHttpRequest or fetch) or native technologies like Capacitor’s HTTP plugin? From my understanding, these all would use the underlying OS network stack so yes they should support TLS 1.2 considering it was published in 2008.

Hi Twestrick…

Thanks for reply…

we are using Httpclient (import { HttpClient, HttpHeaders } from ‘@angular/common/http’) for for fetching the data from APIs. and the project is in ionic cordova.

Yeah, you should be fine. Every device at this point should support TLS 1.2.

Do you have any implementation steps like do we need to send extra parameters or anything additional methods or value need to send with request.

No, it all happens automatically. See