iPhone X Splashscreen Error



i have a problem with my iPhone X Application. At first the Splashscreen has a white bottom, after 2 secounds, the splashscreen comes in an its fixes. The problem is every start of the app.

Direct after the open:

2 Secounds after the open:

Please help me :slight_smile:

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Me too actually…I never post about it so I’m curious to know if someone faced it too and was able to solve it

Somehow I’m thinking that there is a chance that this only happens with the simulator…but just a thought

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No one has a solotion for this bug?


So, finally I think it’s a bug, not a side effect of simulator as I may thought

Then I found following issue in the JIRA tracker of cordova:


I guess it’s then the issue to follow


As @philipbrack noticed, the cordova-ios issue is solved. Not yet officially delivered.


Yet officially delivered and solved :wink:

I have simulated my app with cordova-ios@4.5.4 on iPhoneX yesterday, this white space problem under splash screen at boot time wasn’t there anymore

This issue could be marked as solved

AngularJs IOS11 IPhoneX. Splash Screen Not Cover when load