iPhone X Splashscreen Error


i have a problem with my iPhone X Application. At first the Splashscreen has a white bottom, after 2 secounds, the splashscreen comes in an its fixes. The problem is every start of the app.

Direct after the open:

2 Secounds after the open:

Please help me :slight_smile:

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Me too actually…I never post about it so I’m curious to know if someone faced it too and was able to solve it

Somehow I’m thinking that there is a chance that this only happens with the simulator…but just a thought

No one has a solotion for this bug?

So, finally I think it’s a bug, not a side effect of simulator as I may thought

Then I found following issue in the JIRA tracker of cordova:


I guess it’s then the issue to follow

As @philipbrack noticed, the cordova-ios issue is solved. Not yet officially delivered.

Yet officially delivered and solved :wink:

I have simulated my app with cordova-ios@4.5.4 on iPhoneX yesterday, this white space problem under splash screen at boot time wasn’t there anymore

This issue could be marked as solved