iOS7 Any way to stop the header from being pushed way up

Hey there,

Using the ion-header-bar. My problem is that the header on iOS7 (with status bar enabled) can be pushed upwards underneath the scroll bar if you try to push up the header.

I’m guessing I have to do something different to ensure that it can’t be pushed behind.

Anyone have an idea what needs to be changed?

Hey there, are you talking about when you have focus on inputs?

You can disable scroll with the keyboard plugin

Hey thanks for the reply,

Nothing to do with inputs/focus but the header seems to be able to be moved up and down (just enough to make it not a good thing) when you try to scroll it.

It seems to still be there with all my CSS removed but I’m going to create a new vanilla ion tabs project and see if it is also there (I believe it isn’t).

Can you put together in a codepen?

Forgot to post back.

The issue was resolved and to be honest, I’m not quite sure what the fix was. For those that read this, I wish I had more information to give out. The good news is, it is fixed