iOS style scrolling not working for one tab view


I’ve got an app with 6 tabs (2 of which are hidden at any one time) and I’m seeing a weird issue where the first tab is not scrolling with iOS behaviour on either the simulator or device even though it works completely fine in Chrome or Safari.

So when I scroll the first tab on iOS emulator or device I’m getting no bounce and a constant speed scroll, I’m presuming this is the Android behaviour?

There’s no difference in the way I’ve set up the views so I can’t see what is causing the problem.


I’ve fixed it by adding has-bouncing to the problematic ion-content div with a test for iOS in the controller. It’s a mystery why scrolling on this view is broken in simulator/device, but at least this works.


This could be symptoms or something else happening and causing an error.
Could you provide a codepen?


Too time-consuming to rebuild example from scratch. Am happy to send you my www folder if you like?


Yeah that will work, could you also include the package.json and bower.js, just to make sure I get everything.
Feel free to pm a download link