Ios sms verification

hi , i need to use sms verification in my ionic framework apps, its ios app , so what your advice for this ? as i know the ios dont allow to read the sms from the phone, any advice ?


yes, you are right. Not allowed to read the sms. Ask the user to input the code.

so this mean i need to get some 3rd party verification service ? or can i do it in some how ?

Twilio is a 3rd party service that lets you do sms verification. There are a few other companies out there that also do that.

you need a third party sms service to send the sms from your app, if you want to send programmatically. But to get the sms verification code etc., you need to ask the user to input the code.

So, send sms > user gets sms > user memorises or copies the code from sms app > opens your app > inputs the sms.

hey i am using … it is a german service and not that beauty but it is doing what it should doing.

They provide some sdk. But i do not like there nodejs implementation so i created an own one.

In that sms you should sent a verification code like big apps doing it (WhatsApp, …).
The user has to type in that code.
Now it is up to you. if you have a backend --> you can store and generate keys on backend side or you are put it in the local storage of the app.

I had a similar use case (SMS/text verification for phone number based login) and I just started using Plivo ( for this. Until now it works great.

Plivo is similar to Twilio but in my case (Netherlands market) it was just a bit cheaper to send local/domestic text/SMS messages: $0.06 for Plivo vs. $0.10 for Twilio.

Starting out is very simple, you get $5 free credits which (in my case) let me send something like 80 free SMS messages, which was plenty for my testing/development.

I’m not using their SDKs but their REST API, which is very easy to use.

All in all works great - fast, cheap and easy.