Ios physical device crashing when plugins in app are used

My issue is I am using capacitor on my ionic app with cordova plugins: cordova-plugin-fingerprint-aio and cordova-plugin-camera-preview and both of these are working as expected on the android simulator and actual android devices we’ve tested them on ie. fingerprint auth works, camera opens and allows you to take photos.

Likewise, on ios simulators in xcode, the faceId/fingerprint is working, I can’t test the camera because you can’t on there but it doesn’t crash the app when I go to that page.

However, on physical ios devices, when fingerprint and faceid are enabled within the app, the app crashes immediately. At that point, I thought it may have to do with that specific plugin but when I elect not to enable biometric auth and make it to the camera component- the app crashes as well.

I am new to mobile development and since this is only an issue on the actual ios device, I’m not even sure how to find the error logs since it’s only on the actual device or if that’s even possible.

I was thinking it must be an issue with how I’m setting up the configuration as it’s an issue on all cordova plugins being used on the actual ios device.

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

  1. Run the application from xcode on your physical device.
  2. In the application go to the section where the crash is happening.
  3. Click the button and on xcode you should see the crash log. What does that say?

Thanks for the reply.

My boss and I are have both connected our devices in Xcode since posting this and it runs perfectly.

But still when the app is used via TestFlight- it crashes whenever the plugins are used. So I can’t see the crash logs because it is working fine when connected to Xcode.

No problem, good luck!

I have the same issue. I could get the crash report, may be we need the same solution. This is the link to my post which contains the report: Cordova plugin fingerprint AIO crash on physical ios device when building for release