IOS phonegap-plugin-push

Hi there! I truing use push notifications on ios 10.x device.
but in console i see that warn msg: "Native tried calling Push.init, but Push plugin is not installed."
I already add plugin via ionic plugin add and reinstall platform, but nothing changed.
UPD: for build i use apps.ionic via ionic package build ios

I worked with push notification in android but not yet in iOS… but the procedure for this is same… add plugin import it in app.component like when device is ready generate device token… You need to register your package to get SenderID from FCM and put it in config and that Push.init call… Voila this is what I did for Android…

I followed this link – >

Im facing de same issue… Did you resolved it?

Yes I have resolved it… !!

Barathwaja please let us know how you resolved the issue.