iOS persistence location cdv:// has cross origin issue



I have an app build using ionic and cordova. Everything works fine on iOS and android.

Further we want to update the content of app like www folder. So we used another app which loads the previous www stored some where at server and files are downloaded to device persistence location and redirecting to that index.html file at persistence loaction.

For android all works fine but in iOS it says some cross domain issue for cdv:// access. Some Ajax calls works some are not dont know why. T

Tried adding cordova.js from root loaction to index.html file even it not works. If i built with previous code its works fine. Even i have installed the white-list-plugin as well.

Part of my config.xml

access origin=""
access origin="cdvfile://

allow-navigation href=”"
allow-intent href="cdvfile://

Any Suggestion will be really appreciated.