iOS Only - Using 2x storage for downloaded files

I can’t tell if this is a capacitor/Ionic/iOS thing?

When I download files to the DATA directory on my iOS device (but not on Android) using the @capacitor/file-system it uses 2x the storage space. The actual file is the correct size.

When I do this in a simulator and dig into the file system I find that there is a NetworkCache folder that is a duplicate size of the file I just downloaded?!

Who is creating this folder?
Is it iOS?
Is it going to get cleaned up at some point?

When my users download a 1GB file I don’t want it to use 2GB of their storage. But on iOS, that’s what it does and I don’t know how they can reclaim that short of deleting the app?!

What’s really bad is if I delete the file, that storage is reclaimed, but not what’s in NetworkCache folder?! So this completely useless data is un-reclaimable?!

That does sound frustrating. It’s possible that iOS is creating the NetworkCache folder, but it’s unclear if or when it will be cleaned up. This issue could indeed lead to unnecessary storage usage for your users, especially with large files. Have you considered reaching out to iOS support or exploring alternative solutions to mitigate this problem? It’s important to ensure a smooth user experience and efficient use of storage space on mobile devices.