IOS Keyboard shifs all clickevents away from their buttons

I have a really strange behavior in my ionic app. I have a page that looks like a chat page, which has a middle section with messages and a footer section where I can type in my message.

My problem is happening right after the input onBlur event (right after the keyboard have been hidden). The page looks ok, but none of the buttons are responding when touching them. It seems like the keyboard has shifted up all the click events from the buttons. That the click events are not synced with the GUI elements.
If I want to push a button on the screen, I have to tap above the button ( about one “on-screen-keyboard-height” above the button.) And since the back-button is on the top left corner of the screen I cannot push the button, because the click event is of screen.!

Hey @cmartin, your issue is duplicate of issue described here:

It seems this is bug with new xCode 10 and when keyboard appears, layout constraints are broken, which messes up event selectors on web page. I dont think there is still good solution to this issue. I have tried many things but still seeking for solution.

Current solution is to build your app with xCode 9 . That way you wont have those issue. Sooner or later Apple will block xCode 9 from building apps, so we definitely need some fix soon

Thanks! For the link!
Are there any cordova command that let me build my app with xCode9? or do I have to downgrade xCode?

Keep xCode application on mac. Download xCode 9 (you will find it online just search on Google). Install it and make app name to be different from regular xCode (fe xCode9). Put it in applications folder. Change build tools to 9 instead of 10. And thats it. :slight_smile: