iOS internet accessc

Hi all.
I’m trying to deploy the app on iOS device.
The same app is working fine on Android.

When I run the app on the device, it is displayed properly.
I suppose the problem is that it is not able to get access internet.

In the info.plist, the key Allow Arbitrary Loads is True.

When I try to do a request via axios, I got this error.

Failed to load resource: Origin capacitor://localhost is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

In the server side, CORS is enabled.

Please could you help me?

I would double-check to make sure that capacitor://localhost is properly added to your server’s CORS config. If you are unable to change these settings on the server, you could look at options such as @capacitor-community/http or cordova-plugin-advanced-http.

In the server, CORS accepts all connections [*], capacitor://localhostshould be allowed too.
I am using a third-party API and I get the same error.
Consider also that all my requests are https.

I’ve added the domain in capacitor.config.ts

const config: CapacitorConfig = {
, server: { allowNavigation: [ ""] }