iOS emulator Xcode problem to build my app

I have problems for an ionic application when I use the emulator iOS does not make requests http what is the problem thanks

this. is my code:

method in providers


      let t = {
      telefono:  tel

use in page.

method() {

      this.datos.test_ced(this.cedula).subscribe((data:any) => {
       }, err => { this.presentToast("error!!!"); });

what you see here this request works on android and on the android emulator, but when I want to emulate on iOS I do not execute the subscribe, immediately send to error

Could you provide a bit more in the example? It’s a bit hard to tell what could be the issue.
If you could make a small sample project that would be very helpful

Thanks for you answer bro that problem is plugin
ionic cordova plugin remove cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine

but I have another problem when I remove this plugin it stops working the ion-select component using the multiple option true this happens in iOS, I put it in new topic