iOS emulator not listening to network connection change (ionic native)


I am currently using ionic native network plugin to monitor for connection connect and disconnect, by using the following code

  constructor(private network: Network, public platform: Platform) {

    let disconnectSubscription = => {
      console.log('network was disconnected');

    let connectSubscription = => {
      console.log('network connected!');
      for (let entry of this.newOrders.find()) {
        if(entry.updatedAt) {
          this.updateOrder(entry._id,entry.status).then(() => {
          }).catch(function(error) {
            console.log('Error -> ' + error.reason);
        } else if(entry.offline) {
          console.log('I detected an object with the offline flag');

The challenge I am facing is this; if I run this code in the iOS emulator (with -lc parameters), I test it by bringing the wifi on the laptop offline. After I do that, the ‘network was disconnected’ output is not shown in the console.
When I bring the laptop wifi online again, than the ‘network was disconnected’ output is shown.

After that the app is not responding to any code changes that I make.

It is as if the app is not responding rapidly to these changes at all. How can I somehow test network disconnect/connect and still make the app respond to these connection changes rapidly?