Ios build error library not found for -lGoogleToolboxForMac

Hi, i’m using the builder of Ionic Pro and i have this error, i have tried xcode 8 and xcode 9 of the builder:

ld: library not found for -lGoogleToolboxForMac
[09:59:35]: Exit status: 65

I use ionic native fcm (firebase cloud message) for the push notification.
Someone had the same error?

Thank you

I have searched on google and maybe the error was, but i have no mac, someone have the same error and resolved it?

The problem is that the “GoogleService-Info.plist” " that comes with the “.ipa” file is invalid. is a chunk of binary data. I’m wondering if the problem is the script that copies when the platform is IOS ( Android is OK )
I can confirm that the correct “GoogleService-Info.plist” is uploaded to server on the root folder ( same as config.xml).

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Hi, i have the same error, how did u solved this?