iOS 9 Page transition issue

I applied the patch (angular-ios9-uiwebview.patch.js) for iOS 9 and it worked except I came across another issue.
When a user logout from home screen I open login screen.
But while the transition is happening Home screen is appearing for a moment behind login page. It is not consistent and happens sometimes. This happens only in iOS 9.
I use
To go to login page

I have no idea what is wrong.
Please help me to fix this.

Have a look at this post and follow the guidelines mentioned in that post. I too had the same issue, but after following this guide, it’s resolved for me.

I have already added the patch. It did fixed the angular digest issue and messy transitions.
But left with this issue. It is not consistent and does not happen always. And sometimes a thin black rectangle appears in right edge just after the page transition and disappears.
The device I am testing iPad mini

ok. the fix is