IOS 9 App Freeze(Button no response) with "BKSendHIDEvent" error

Hi all,

Recently, I run into a weird situation. When the app runs for the first time in xcode, every thing works fine. But if I stop the debug, reopen the app again in the simulator, the app is totally frozen, no button responses at all. I checked the simulator system log, it shows the error like this:

Then I stuck at this stage, I don’t know how to further trouble shoot this issue. If I opened the safari web inspector, this doesn’t load any js file. And I could not use window.location.reload(); The window object does not even exist.

So I am totally lost here. Can any one tell me how to further trouble shoot this error?
Thanks very much!!!

Hi all,after searching for a while, I found this:
Ios Freeze on Load

So I updated cordova(previous version was 2.1.2) and added the ios platform again, every thing works fine now. But I still don’t know how to trouble shoot under this circumstance, like the web inspector is null and find further detail from the system log.

Can anyone please help?