iOS 11 - padding statusbar


Since iOS 11 released I’ve got one big problem in my Ionic app.
When I select an item (img just below) an automatic scroll about 15px appears.

I tested to install ionic-angular@3.7.1-201710032000.

But It still not working…

Any solutions?
Thanks youuuuuuu

I have the same issue! But if you use WKWebView it would solve the extra padding issue.
In my case it helped but then again I have some issues with CORS so I’m still looking for a fix without WKWebView. give it a try!

Do you have latest cordova-plugin-statusbar?

Hey @mondelize I installed WKWebView but It’s not working :confused:
@fpajor yes my cordova-plugin-statusbar is up-to-date.

It seems that everyone find solutions with WKWebView…but not in my case. Maybe something else to do.

Did you install the WKWebView of Cordova or the ionic? Make sure you use the ionic one. Remove the Cordova WKWebView and install the ionic version:

Also make sure that your meta tag in the index.html includes viewport-fit=cover

I hope this works for you. Let me know.

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@mondelize is correct, I also had the same issue (even with updating to the snapshot of 3.7.1), and the padding issue remained until I added the viewport-fit=cover and updated cordova-plugin-ionic-weview.


YESSSSS! It’s working :smiley:

I was in old version of ionic-angular.

I had to make some correction for background plugin:

  • downgrade cordova-plugin-background-mode to 0.7.1
  • remove ‘_’ from _requiresUserActionForMediaPlayback

Thanks a loooot!

You saved me! Thanks

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