ionView with collection-repeat does not get cached with beta 14 nightly

Hey there!

I noticed that my ionView with a collection-repeat does NOT get cached and therefore forgets the scrolling position every time I enter it. Strangely this only occurs if I start the app on another view and then transition to the list view:

However, the collection-repeat view DOES get cached if I enter the app directly on the list view and change back/forth to the start view:

The only changed line is: $urlRouterProvider.otherwise(’/start’); versus $urlRouterProvider.otherwise(’/list’);

Any ideas?

After further investigation this is not connected to the collection-repeat directive.
The cashing does not work for several views. Setting $ionicConfigProvider.views.maxCache(20); does not help.

Any ideas why cashing does not work in this particular case?

Which codepen has the issue?

The first one:

If I go back and forth between both views the list view is always destroyed and recreated… I want it to be cached, but don’t know how…


I finally found a fix for this:
Setting $ionicConfigProvider.views.forwardCache(true)!


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