IonRouterLink not exists on @ionic/vue

So this error occured when using ion-router-link
Dont know why just followed the docs for vue

I have to import the component so that I could assign it to component name and remove the warnings.

To tell, there is no example stated on the docs, just following the name thats why I tried importing IonRouterLink but seems like this component didnt even exists.
So not having the said component will lead to this warning:

component: ion-router-link
If this is a native custom element, make sure to exclude it from component resolution via compilerOptions.isCustomElement. 
  at <AuthDashboard ref=Ref< undefined > key="/auth/dashboard" isInOutlet=true  ... > 
  at <IonRouterOutlet id="app-content" > 
  at <IonTabs> 
  at <IonPage id="authenticated" isInOutlet=true registerIonPage=fn<registerIonPage> > 
  at <Auth ref=Ref< undefined > key="/auth/dashboard" isInOutlet=true  ... > 
  at <IonRouterOutlet> 
  at <IonApp> 
  at <App>

see the documentation page

Note: this component should only be used with vanilla and Stencil JavaScript projects. For Angular projects, use an <a> and routerLink with the Angular router.

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Thank you for the clarification mate :slight_smile: