$ionicScrollDelegate scrollTo not working on changing views

I am developing an application which has huge list of items with indexed scroll (alphabetic scroll bar).
I have used collection-repeat, and on click of index on the sidebar, it navigates to particular item on the list.
This works fine until we do not navigate to next view, once we navigate to next view & back to the list view, I am not able to navigate to particular item.
The list scrolls, but cannot go to clicked index.
I am facing this issue in mobile and not is desktop.

When I debug the scrollView is null in the following code.

self.scrollTo = function(left, top, shouldAnimate) {
self.resize().then(function() {
if (!scrollView) {
scrollView.scrollTo(left, top, !!shouldAnimate);

Also, it works fine if I disable caching.

In mobile whenever I scroll the list of items, I get error “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘__scrollTop’ of undefined”