ionicPopup, no buttons?

I have an ionicPopup where it shows two options … can you delete the buttons and that when you click on one of the two options, will the popup automatically close? I say to save the step of pressing the ok button


some example? thanks!!

are you talking about like this?

var alertPopup = ${
      template: '<input type="text" ng-model="data.wifi">',
      title: 'Wifi',
      subTitle: 'Please enter wifi password.',
      buttons: [
      { text: 'Cancel' },
      text: '<b>Enter</b>',
      type: 'button-positive',
      onTap: function(e) {
      if (!$ {
      //don't allow the user to close unless he enters wifi password
        } else {
          return $;

I want you to select the two options and do not have to press the OK button and popup close

I don’t get it, can you clarify what you want to achieve?

Example: Choose a console:



Ok Cancel

1.- I usually choose an option and then press OK and the popup closes.

What I want to do is to choose an option and close the popup automatically and remove the ok and cancel buttons

just add the myPopup.close(); whenever you click to any radio buttons…

:smiley: yes right! thanks!!:grin:

glad that I help… happy coding…