ionicPopup failing in beta 12

Is anyone else having issues with ionic Popups in the latest beta 12? I’m getting the backdrop rendering without the actual popup itself rendering.

Hmm, seems to work fine here

Perfect description of the problem I’m having as well after upgrading to beta 12…

I’m, having the opposite problem: my popup renders fine, but there’s no longer a .popup-container being added to the DOM, so I no longer get the background dimming effect.

For me the popup renders randomly. And sometimes my popup renders random text. Don’t know what the problem is. Switch back to beta 11. Everything is fine now.

I’m having the exact same issue on all devices. Backdrop but no popup rendering :frowning:

Can you guys put together a a codepen example where you see this?

Exact same problem after the update,

backdrop there, no popup is shown.

Works on the browser not on the device

has anyone figured out how to fix this issue?

Sorry for not being very careful. My problem was that I was still using Beta 11’s CSS (I forgot that I used sass to override some of the variables.) I needed to use sass tool to generate a new css based on the new files in scss folder.

Now working perfectly.

Sorry about that


Yup! That (running the old .css) is almost certainly the issue! I ran into a similar issue when I went from b10 to b11 :smiley:

Yeh, I was running both js and css from Beta 12 but I had some custom css for the popup, which I removed and now it is working properly again.

Thanks for pointing that out guys! :smiley:

Hey @Olle, did u resolved this issue, I’m having the same issue with css v1.0.0-beta.13. I also get the overlay but not the content, I even post a SO question here

as a newbee , any help would be greatly appreciated , thanks in advance