Ionicons not working without cdn

i am using ionic icons from in my app. In the index file i have a given cdn link to use these icons.problem is that these icons shows only when i app is connected to internet
but i want to use these icons offline. how can i do that ?

You don’t need to add the cdn link in the index.html file, and it will work offline in this case.

can you tell me how can i show these icons in app when my app is not connected to internet, currently these are working only when connected to internet. @acodebox

all files libs, styling, fonts are in the ionic directory.

Are you using ionic CLI?

If not you only need to put the fonts, scss/css in the right place to make them work.

Look at a starter:

it is build with cli --> you have the scss folder, where you style your app with scss.
and in www/lib/ionic you can find alle ionic stuff (fonts, scss, css, and so on).

i have put the fonts files in www folder & it is working.
although i had tried this before but at that time app got slower after this.
this time i think it is working fine.
anyway thanks