Ionicons disappear if I change $font-path

Hi guys,

In my app created from a blank template, there are these 3 imports in the variables.scss file:

@import "ionic.ionicons";

@import "roboto";

@import "noto-sans";

Now, that alone works fine. I just had to replace the builtin roboto font with the full version containing the extended characters. I did that by creating fonts folder with the assets folder and copied the full font files there. So far so good.

However, I wanted to share the module with fonts across multiple projects without copying it everywhere, so I have my custom assets-common submodule that is mounted within the assets folder, so the fonts are no longer within assets/fonts but in assets/assets-common/fonts. Therefore I also had to change the $font-path variable within variables.scss to this:

$font-path: "../assets/audic-common-assets/fonts";

For the roboto font that is “overriden” in the fonts folder it works well, and the extended characters are still OK. However ionicons are now broken.

if I look in the www folder, I can see that ionicons and noto-sans fonts are still in assets/fonts. So obviously the fonts that are not overriden have a hardcoded build output path.

Anything I can do about it?

I believe this is a bug, but obviously not many people need to specify a different folder for their fonts so obviously not a big chance of this being fixed…