$ionicModal focusFirstInput not working on ios devices


I am using angularjs and ionic framework for html5 mobile app. The scenario is when user clicks the search box on main page. A modal should load up autofocusing the searchbox input field and cancel button inline. Also when the searchbox in Modal autofocuses on input field, it should also open up the ios keyboard. Right now what is happening is when I click on searchbox on main page, it opens up the modal with search header and cancel button and also autofocuses on search input field.It is working fine on desktop view. But the autofocus feature is not working properly on ios devices and also the keyboard doesn’t pop-up when modal loads up.

Acc. to ionic docs http://ionicframework.com/docs/api/controller/ionicModal/ I am using

focusFirstInput: true 

for autofocus to work.

Here is the plunker [sample] (http://plnkr.co/edit/YAPzL9b2V3jBcH9ebF0b) that I created which works fine on desktop but not on iphone 4 and 5.

Please, Let me know how can I make this work on iOS and android devices.


Still waiting for someone to respond to this issue…any ideas how to make it work?


I have no ideas about it… But it seems to me it’s the same as this issue


Yea I have seen this issue and have replied to that … don’t think it is resolved yet